SureGrip Yoga Travel Mat 2mm
SureGrip Yoga Travel Mat 2mm
SureGrip Yoga Travel Mat 2mm
SureGrip Yoga Travel Mat 2mm
SureGrip Yoga Travel Mat 2mm

SureGrip Travel Yoga Mat - Free Yoga DVD

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SureGrip Travel Yoga Mat 2mm Plus Free Beginners Yoga DVD.

This is the 2mm version of the SureGrip 4mm meaning that it has all of the same traits that the 4mm does but lighter and foldable making it perfect for travel. The Yoga Mad SureGrip Yoga Mat is made from natural Latex, which provides unrivalled grip in all conditions, whilst also being soft to touch! Being both biodegradable and tested as free of harmful substances the SureGrip is better for you and the environment, whilst offering the ultimate performance and comfort during your practise. Ideal for all types of yoga. Warning: this product is not suitable for people who have a latex allergy. Also check our yoga mat bags for sale.

Product details:

Dimensions: 183cm x 60cm x 2mm

Weight: 1.1kg

Material: Natural Latex: hand tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree on 100% cotton webbing

Care instructions: The SureGrip mat can be wiped clean or occasionally it can be machine washed at 30oC, using a small amount of soap. DO NOT put your mat through a spin cycle or spin dry as this may damage the mat. Dry flat or roll up in a towel to speed drying time.

Warning: Approximately 1% of the population have some form of sensitisation or allergy to latex. This mat is made from latex and we do not recommend using this product if you are allergic to latex.

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